Creative Cph is a creative company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
We embrace online managing, seo, e-commerce, coaching, web design, audio and music video production, makeup and more. 

Creative Cph was founded in 2002 by Mads bb Krog. 

(Mads B. B. krog, Photo: Ugi Kaldan)

Mads B. B. Krog, age 36, started out as a composer and producers of electronic music.
For more than a decade Mads has composed, produced, remixed, recorded or mixed music for a wide range of Danish and international acts.

This includes:
Faithless (UK), Chris Minh Doky (DK), DJ Aligator (DK), DJ Encore (DK), C-Stones (LV), Julio Iglesias (IT), Crispy (DK), Beverly Knight (UK), Destiny´s Child (US), Infernal (DK), EyeQ (DK), Kiss (Taiwan), Donell Jones (US), Peter Rosendal (DK), Anna David (DK), Sonja Richter (DK), Salemme (NL), Marita Taavitsainen (FI), Birk Storm (DK), Ayoe Angelica (DK), Julie Maria (DK), New Politics (US), RBD (MEX), The Poster Child (DK), Neo Geo (DK), Morten Hampenberg & Alexander Brown feat. Stine Bramsen (DK), Terri Kwan (Taiwan).

Besides his acting as a producer / composer / remixer for other artists, Mads B. B. Krog has composed music for television shows and motion pictures, as well as releasing his own material under various pseudonyms, most notably his main project, Plateaux Techniques.

Creative Cph blog - Mads bb Krog ego photo blog.

With top chart positions and several Music Award and Upfront DJ Award nominations, Mads B. B. Krog seems to master both the commercial pop scene and the electronic upfront, jazz and club scene.

Alongside working as a creator, Mads has since 2008 extended the Creative Cph. company to other related industries such as e-commerce music coaching, online marketing and SEO.

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