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Creative Cph. is currently working together with Be My Best creating a new platform for online presence.

Be My Best

BeMyBest was founded in 2009 with the dream of engaging immigrant women into the Danish job market while providing wellness for employees and employers taking an active part on CSR.

BeMyBest 2.0 from 2013 is about impacting the internet search results so that you can have your best professional online profile that align with who you are, consistent with your core competences and support a future that you want to achieve.

Isabella Lo
Isabella Lo is ceo at Be My Best - Online profiles and online presence management.
Creative Copenhagen is working with Isabella Lo creating online presence and online marketing.

Newsletter setup, designs, analyzing and  optimizing.


Google Adwords setup, monitoring and optimizing.

Google Adwords

Facebook ads setup, monitoring, social interaction and optimizing. 

Facebook ads